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    Magda Bello, has offered us a sample of its poems and has delighted us with its reading with a great success of concurrence.
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    Magda Bello will offer us a sample of her poems and her culture.
    Magda Bello, August 2 (1976), Masaya / Nicaragua. Write poems from childhood Bello studied economics, theology, and was director of projects in the European Vision SIEN Group and currently businesswoman. Among his works are:
    - There's no pass in Catarina. Poetry in real time (Rubén Darío International Poetry Prize 2018)
    - "Scattered Memories" (2016)
    - "EMILY" in tribute to the famous American poet Emily Dickinson (2017)
    - "After the Footprint of the Prince" (2017).
    It is part of Anthology:
    - "A thousand poets and artists fear Palestino" by the Spanish writer Xavier Susperregui
    - "Antología del Cisne" (2017) of the Nicaraguan Society of Young Writers
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    La Festa de la Diversitat (The Party of the Diversity ) 25 years after its birth, of the hand of the Commission of Parties of Collblanc-La Torrassa it wants to introduce the cultural wealth that lived together in the neighborhoods with the arrival of the neighbors and neighbors coming from other countries and continents. When we speak, we think of an event that this year fulfills the twenty-five anniversary, La Festa de la Diversitat it has a goal festive, but also solidary and of social cohesion. Culture and entertainment with spaces of debate, games, workshops, circus, music, theater and many other educational and recreational activities are shared.
    All this brings to light that joints we want to create a space intercultural deconvivència in which we have to continue working, in order to contribute to the collective imprint that between all and all we are constructing in our neighborhood of Collblanc-la Torrassa.
    a La Festa de la Diversitat is a sample of the cultural wealth which we have, where the children have a distinguished paper for the importance of the education in values, essential for the communal life. It is a festive appointment that does not forget the great pending questions today in all the world.
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    Final Soiree of presentation of the stories carried out in the audiovisual workshops of cooperative cinema "EngLHoba't", activity programmed in the context of formative intervention of the Festival MetropoL'His (Festival of short and video clips in 48 hr) / GlobaL'H (International festival of short of Cooperation to the Development).

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