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  • Poster ´Beirut , a year afterwards´seeing image of Chat  "Beirut, a year afterwards" (new window)

    We encourage to attending the talk "Beirut" to you, a year afterwards" , in charge of the journalists Tomás Alcoverro, Andrea López and the cooperative Xavier Barreda.

    The journalist Tomás Alcoverro explains us the situation of Beirut, after it has suffered several popular revolts, a severe economic crisis, the pandemic of the COVID-19 and the explosion of August 2020.
    Tomás Alcoverro is a prestigious journalist and Catalan writer who lives in Beirut from 1970 and was decorated with the Cross of Sant Jordi and has received the Profession Prize of Journalist, conceded by the School of Journalists of Catalonia.
    Do not lose it!!!!
    Him necessary the preway booking in the form of assistance
    You will have disposable on the page of Facebook of Cooperación del Ayuntamiento de L'Hospitalet a connection in real time in line.

  • Searcher of the workshop?seeing image of Workshop: Soci-econòmiques consequences of the pandemic- COVID-19 in the countries of the Global South (new window)

    The workshop "Socio-economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic in the countries of the Global South" has two parts: a presentation that describes how the pandemic has affected Latin America and Africa in different social aspects, such as poverty, in generic terms, food security, access to water, the prevalence of other communicable diseases, human rights, education, child labor, child marriage, women and vulnerable populations such as migrant and indigenous populations; and a talk to reflect on the exhibition, before and after having seen it. The reflections will be worked on with the professors and in a subsequent discussion with the researcher Núria Pedrós from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

    The exhibition will be in the school for a period of fifteen days and the talk-colloquium directed to 3rd or 4th year of ESO, lasting one hour, will be held at the school facilities, prior reservation of the day and time. We have a maximum of 8 workshops available, between January and May 2022.

    The form of booking through this link

  • El cartell del Festival?seeing image of L'HOSPITALET SHORT FILMS FESTIVAL 2021 (new window)
    Joves per la Igualtat i la Solidaritat together with the Town Council of L'hospitalet de Llobregat, summon again  the L'Hospitalet short films festival 2021, with two categories:

    GLOBAL VIII International International Cooperation Short Films Festival. It is a contest of an International competition of shorts of fiction and animation of maximum 15 minutes filmed from 2015. The shorts have to promote the defense of the Human Rights, the Culture of the Peace, the communal life or the social cohesion.
    XVI METROPOLIS 48h short films festival. It is a competition where you have 48 hours to write the hyphen, to choose the locations, to carry out the planning, to send, to act, to turn, to ride and to edit a short of maximum 5 minutes, from 3 you squeeze

    Video of the presentation
    Sign up!:
  • Cover page  from the Directive Plan of Cooperation, Social Justice and ODS, Appointment with Health 2020-2023seeing image of AGREEMENT FOR THE APPROVAL OF HE DIRECTIVE PLAN OF COOPERATION, SOCIAL JUSTICE l ODS, APPOINTMENT WITH HEALTH 2020-2023 (new window)
    The Master Plan for Cooperation, Social Justice and SDG, Commitment to health 2020-2023, has been approved
    This Directive Plan wants to identify the main potentiality and challenges of the cooperation of L' Hospitalet, as well as, to discuss the policy of cooperation about the goals and priorities about which to orientate.
    The Plan Director de Cooperación, Social Justice and ODS, Appointment with the Health 2020-2023, it wants to reflect, the master lines of this public policy for the next years, and of the other one, on a part to consolidate the firm appointment to the city with the cooperation, social justice and the world-wide development. Finally, AJT/JGL/26/2021 of 07 July of 2021 has approved of the Local Executive Council in session.
    The will has been to achieve the maximum consensus of all the actors of the city, which helps us to planning the actions of cooperation for the global social justice promoted from the town.
    This new plan for period 2020-2023, assumes like challenges the need to rethink the model of relations social and with the nature and intends to give a fundamental importance to Agenda 2030, as well as it is one attentive to the context generated as a result of the pandemic world-wide.
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