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    The Department of Cooperation and Solidarity of the Town Council of L'Hospitalet shows the course: La África Sub-Saharaui, in the current multipolar context, coordinated by Africaye.

    The course offers a vision of the main changes that are being produced in the African continent, from the action of the international actors at the pressure of the social movements, passing through the current contexts of the conflicts and the impact of the media, and the current pandemic of the COVID-19.

    More information:

    It is necessary to send a mail to: "> , with the particulars (name and cognoms,DNI), a text of motivation to make the course and a brief summary of yours CV.
    To obtain the certificate from assistance it will be necessary to attend, at least, 80% of the sessions.
    He programs of Cooperation and Solidarity of the Town Council of L'Hospitalet
    Stops more information:  and
    Thursday, 19 November


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    The last December of 2019 we celebrated the first encounter for the dressmaking of the Directive Plan of Cooperation for Global Social Justice 2020-2023 , with her beginning would give to a series of meetings to make a document of consensus between our municipal administration and the set of ONG in L'Hospitalet. After several presencials meetings and several telematic ones, during the Pandemic, some master lines that would have effects about the process of back elaboration have been agreed on; very clearly marking itself a trunk line with the SDG, Shedule 2030, and transversally linked to the DDHH . The past 28 July the last session of work, where a draft previous to the Plan to share with the actors who intervened in the participative process was discussed, was carried out. It was agreed to have a final document for September, that to set forth and to discuss in a wider way, as well as to agree with the different political groups of the city.
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    Youngsters for the Equality and the Solidarity together with the Town Council of L'hospitalet de Llobregat, summon again  the L'Hospitalet short film festival 2020, with two categories:

    GLOBAL VII International International Cooperation Short Film Festival. It is a contest of an International competition of shorts of fiction and animation of maximum 15 minutes filmed from 2015. The shorts have to promote the defense of the Human Rights, the Culture of the Peace, the communal life or the social cohesion.
    XV METROPOLIS 48h short film festival. It is a competition where you have 48 hours to write the hyphen, to choose the locations, to carry out the planning, to send, to act, to turn, to ride and to edit a short of maximum 5 minutes, from 3 you squeeze

    Video of the presentation
    To consult the bases of the Festival here:

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    This is the fifth edition of the publication of the comic "Vignettes at the school for the solidarity". 

    This year we present you in a virtual way the book of comic through an event in Facebook
    You will be able to enjoy a video where you will know to the winners and its works and to some of the cartoonists consolidated that have participated on making this publication possible.

     The comic: Vignettes at the school for the solidarity

    Comic presentation video

    #InternacionalDiba 24/07/2020

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