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    The Cooperation and Solidarity Program offers again in 2021 the cooperative film audiovisual workshops "EngLHoba't".
    Workshop that wants to encourage young people to think about what it means to cooperate for a more just global world. The workshop is done through audiovisuals, with the intention that young people value Human Rights, the Culture of Peace, Coexistence and Social Cohesion as real and experiential milestones. We want to provide tools so that young people are aware of their prejudices and stereotypes and weave a more just and equal society. This activity is programmed in the context of the training intervention Short Film Festival of L'Hospitalet/ GlobaL'H (International Festival of Development Cooperation shorts).
    Each workshop is 4 hours long, which will be held for 2 hours every day for 2 days by the students of high school and training cycles of IES del Hospitalet, it can also be scheduled as an extracurricular activity offered by the AMPA of the school or lamb in Casal de Young boys. Who participates in the workshops will have the opportunity to present their videos to the Festival that will be held in our city on November 14, 2021. We offer this edition in person or in virtual format or we will make a mix according to the needs of the moment. You can also check the status of reservations by clicking the image.

    To find more information: INTRO and to make the reservation HERE

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    The Program of Cooperation and Solidarity, L'Hospitalet City Council's, offers 16 workshops on Human Rights and Global Citizenship in the city's primary schools, with the language and techniques of the comic. The intention is to bring children closer to the daily reality of the inhabitants of the South and the influence of the countries of the North on their lives. The workshops will be held in the facilities of the educational centers or with connection by video conference with a virtual classroom. The workshop lasts five non-consecutive days, in sessions of one hour. We recommend reserving one day of the week to do the workshop for five consecutive weeks, although reservations will be adapted to the needs of the center. The comic is presented as a valid means of expression for dealing with various issues, especially education for development. The history of the comic and the basic elements of this medium will be explained in order to create a cartoon where the main theme will be Human Rights and Global Citizenship. And it will be used to present and disseminate some published comics, available in municipal libraries, that deal with the problem of globalization. L'Hospitalet City Council will award a first prize to the best comic strip and three special mentions among the second prize resulting from the workshops held at the participating schools.
    The activity file  for more information. By booking HERE
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    The Cooperation and Solidarity Program continues in 2021, offering schools the workshop "Get closer to Sub-Sahrawi Africa" that will be held from 01/08/2021 to 05/31/2021, this year the workshops may be in person or in a virtual classroom.
    With the goal to pass to the children to the cooperation international and to the Human Rights, l'enfoc of the workshop this linked to the subjects of music and dance, through the knowledge of the music and the dance of the Subsahrauí Africa.
    The workshop this sent in the educational centers of secondary and high school of the Hospitalet.
    The activities programmed for this sleep workshop:

    Activity 1 - Approach to he sets to music it African. Sent to pupils from 1st to 4th of ESO and Batxillerat it consists on to introduce typical instruments of Africa in interactive way carried out by technicians in cooperation to the development and African musics

    Activity 2 - Approach to the African dance. Once from 1st to 4th of ESO and Batxillerat has been sent to pupils, it consists of a performance for a dancer of African dances.

    To find all the information :  INTRO ; To make the formal booking of workshop HERE


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    Through a role play the participants in the workshop will reflect on the equality of opportunities among men and women, the patriarchal company, the men/women stereotypes and the strategies that we can promote to favor the equality.

    This year, in case it is done with a virtual classroom, the debate will open via ZOOM after watching the documentary.

    To find more information and to reserve the workshop:  INTRO

    Video of workshop

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