Current projects

Year 2020

  • Agermanament Sense Fronteres

    Project title: Empowering women in Cameroon by strengthening rural cooperatives
    Project summary: The Performance is the continuation of the one developed at the last years and that it is set in the Program of support to the women PAEF (acronym in French of Programme d'Activites Economiques you give Femmes). The general goal of the project is to achieve that the woman is an actor in the development of the rural companies in conditions of equality with the men.
    Area of action: Cameroon
    Financing: 6.000,00 €
  • Asociación KidsUcrania

    Project title: No boy without bed nor desk
    Project summary: Many families disstructured (alcohol, illnesses, obligatory displacement because of the conflict with Russia) can not be made charge of its sons and they send them to orphanages, where because of the scarce help that they receive of the government can not be guaranteed a suitable standard of living. Because of that KidsUcrania intends to endow with equipment in these orphanages, so that the orphans can have a worthy life.
    Area of action: Ukraine
    Financing: 5.000,00 €
  • Asociación Mujeres Burkina

    Project title: Enlargement of the formation in Health of the center NEB the Bombou - Boassa
    Project summary:

    The Delinwende association with the support of the Burkina Women's Association fights for women's empowerment and care for the most disadvantaged. In this line, the purpose of this project is to contribute to the improvement of health by adapting the space, gaining a classroom for training in health and family health against COVID-19

    Area of action: Burkina Fasso
    Financing: 5.000,00 €
  • Associació Catalana de Solidaritat i Cooperació Internacional per el Desenvolupament. ONGD AL KARIA 

    Project title: Humanitarian help of the city of Beirut, Lebanon
    Project summary: The explosion of the 4 August in the port of Beirut in Lebanon left 300.000 persons without home and the explosion of the 4 August in the port of Beirut in Lebanon generated all one series of need infrastructurals and material in the country.
    In this project we intend to be able to bring, an economic help of emergency, from the town of L'hospitalet De Llobregat, to that one who previously has already had relations with the city
    Area of action: Lebanon
    Financing: 6.010,00 €
  • Associació Catalana d'Enginyeria Sense Fronteres (ESF)

    Project title: Development of the composting through the implantation of cone improvements focuses of gender
    Project summary: The project focuses on the formality and recycling of waste of the District Kamuvukwane, Maputo, in the sector of the GRSU with concrete approach. The current project is the continuation of the work initiated into the former pilo program, where the bases were established for the creation of a community composting plant.
    Area of action: Mozambique
    Financing: 10.000,00 €
  • Associació de Cooperació Fallou ONGD

    Project title: Program of prevention and sensitization of the COVID-19 of the Posté de Santé Dar Salam
    Project summary: Leaning and to fund the Program of Prevention and Sensitization of the COVID-19 that the Posté de Santé Dar Salam (Rural Community of Dialakoto) has designed to be able to have the basic sanitary material to avoid the infection and propagation of the virus among the population (gels, mascaretes, gloves, etc); guaranteeing the certainty of the sanitary professionals; and developing a campaign of sensitization in the circundants villages
    Area of action:


    Financing: 9.000,00 €
  • Associació L'Hospitalet amb el Sáhara

    Project title: It improves of the Sensory health in the Centers of Special Education and the Cetnres de Discapacitat of the camps of Sahrauís refugees of Tindouf
    Project summary: The project consists to promoting and improving the health in the Centers of Special Education and in the Centers of Disabilities Sensory of the Camps of sahrauís refugees of Tindouf. The project is executed through periodic contributions, so that the persons responsible for the project in the terrain buy the foods for the breakfasts and distribute to the 5 centers of special education and to the 4 centers of sensory disabilities of the different wilayes the foods for the breakfasts.
    Area of action: Algeria - Sahara
    Financing: 7.000,00 €
  • Associació L'Hospitalet amb el Sàhara

    Project title: Holidays in peace 2020. We help to palliating the effects of the COVID-19 in the refugee camps of Tindouf
    Project summary: Because of the Pandemic of COVID -19, L'Hospitalet with the Sahara brings up an alternative project so that the families of the children have the basic feeding and products of basic hygiene together with several activities (sport activities, workshops of first help, traditional games...) in order to substitute for those that they will not be able to become in L'Hospitalet.
    Area of action: Algeria - Sahara
    Financing: 12.000,00 €
  • Associació Ven Lumon

    Project title: Solar well, water for Seambly
    Project summary: Installation of a well of water in the population of Seambly, placed in the Region of Man of Coast of Ivory. The well will be endowed by an engine of extraction nourished by a photovoltaic installation. The water that they use at present comes from a pond that receives leaks and has caused outbreaks of several illnesses
    Area of action: Coast of Ivory
    Financing: 8.500,00 €
  • Catratxhos, associació de cooperació amb Hondures

    Project title: I save vulnerable families in Capital New Cologne in response to COVID-19
    Project summary:

    Food and hygienic conditions and minimal infection will be obtained to 200 families in the extreme probreza aggravated by the COVID-19 crisis in the settlement of New Asset in Tegucigalpa, in the last emergency phase, before the economic decline in Honduras allows that the schools reopen and that the families can return to generate admissions.

    Area of action: Honduras
    Financing: 5.314,60 €
  • Fundació Catalana Akwaba

    Project title: We Make Echo: we connect the gender and the environment in the school and enel món-món-1a phase
    Project summary: It is a directed program mainly to the students and teaching staff of Catalan educational centers. The goal is to form an active and critical citizenship with the discriminatory attitudes towards the persons and the breaches in the middle; capable of identifying these breaches, integrating the prospect of EGBDH and the ODS (ODS 4 and ODS 11) that generates proposals of transformation into the educational center, in its projects of communal life or other of center, in the local environment and the world-wide one through shared strategies from the promotion of the care of the persons and the means
    Area of action: Spain
    Financing: 20.000,00 €
  • Fundació Josep Comaposada - Sindicalistes solidaris

    Project title: Support of emergency COVID19 El Salvador
    Project summary: With the pandemic of COVID-19 and in the tropical storm Amanda the cooperatives to which support to the Foundation Josep Comaposada gave cooperatives have been seen a lot affected. The goal is to give a directed tool to promote and to strengthen the measures sanitary and to guarantee the reflation of the cooperatives and its future feasibility and with this the welfare of the beneficiaries/him and of its families and communities.
    Area of action: El Salvador
    Financing: 15.265,00 €
  • Fundació Privada Okume AZ

    Project title: Construction of a new module for the education of 3rd course of ESBA (Compulsory Secondary Education) at the school Balmes-Bata
    Project summary: The members of the Foundation Okume AZ have met the authorities of Bata and the good formality and reputation have been able to certify that the school has Balmes-Bata in the zone of performance. It is considered convenient to continue complementing the school with spaces and suitable resources that facilitate the pupils an education integral and of quality and families, evolving about the autochthonous educational system. Because of that it is he intends the construction, adequacy and starting of a new module destined to 3rd course of ESBA.
    Area of action: Equatorial Guinea
    Financing: 18.000,00 €
  • Fundació Solidaritat UB

    Project title: Municipal support to the reception of persons sheltered and coming from zones in conflict in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat
    Project summary: Providing the town of L'Hospitalet, accompaniment in its social, academic and work inclusion, a worthy house to three sheltered persons. Likewise a task will be developed sensibilitzadora in towards the citizenship through the itinerància of a photographic exhibition
    Area of action: Spain
    Financing: 29.520,00 €
  • Fundación Vicente Ferrer

    Project title: Reinforcing the capacity of sanitary answer in the face of the pandemic of the COVID-19 in the districts of Anantapur i Kumool, India, Andhra Pradesh
    Project summary: The proposal focuses on conditions of maximum certainty, as well as equipment of protection for the sanitary staff of the hospitals in the equipment of hospitals in the districts of Anantapur i Kurmool of the region De Andra Pradesh to the Indian in order to provide necessary healthcare to the infected victims for the virus. The project also includes the formation of the sanitary staff in when to protocols and attention to the cases of COVID-19
    Area of action: India
    Financing: 12.000,00 €
  • Medicus Mundi Mediterrània

    Project title: Strengthening the System of Health of the town of Riberalta (Bolivia) to reduce the mortality and morbidity due to the COVID-19
    Project summary: As a result of the pandemic of COVID-19, Medicus Mundi has designed a plan to strengthen the system of health of Riberalta in the region of Beni in Bolivia through the acquisition of material of bioseguretat and protection for the professionals of health of the town. Besides they left its services to advise-the and to form-the in order to achieve an improvement of the sustainable capacity of the town.
    Area of action: Bolivia
    Financing: 14.996,81 €
  • Associació Catalana Solidaritat i Cooperació Internacional pel Desenvolupament. ONGD AL KARIA  
    Project title: Support to the municipal office of social matters of Xauen and prevention of risks in associative activities
    Project summary:

    Them last four years the organization has focused its projects in Xauen in the cession of knowledge north-south like a measure of promoting professional sectors that they help to improving the work prospects of the youngsters. The professional climbing and the construction-rehabilitation of medines have been the two sectors of intervention

    Area of action:


    Financing: 11.000,00 €
  • Kasamu Aku
    Project title: Construction of the Center of Women and youngsters in Cabrousse. Phase 3
    Project summary: Continuitat of a performance to help the women of Cabrousse. The women of the region have few opportunities for accessing to works remunerated since the men take the decisions; for this motive the construction of a space of relation for empoderar the women and to maximize its opportunities through the elaboration of craft products.
    Area of action: Senegal

    6.000,00 €

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