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In this section finds the administrative documentation and/or forms in relation to the Program of Cooperation and Solidarity.
Grant (two copies)   
In order to check out the justification of the granted grant, the organ managing or territorial will require the documentation crediting of the application of the total amount of the project.
Physical persons or legal representative of the juridical persons who have been beneficiaries for grants for an amount inferior to 60.000 euros.
CAN BE MADE Until the 16 February of 2018, unless to the agreement of concession of the grant he settles a specific deadline depending on the duration of the project or of the activity that is carried out..HOW
Having been a beneficiary for a grant of the Town Council of The Hospitalet in the call of the public competition for the awarding of grants for economic exercise 2017.
The grant will have to have been granted to fund projects or activities of help to the Third World with cofunding on the part of other public administrations..
The amount of the received grant has to be inferior to 60.000 euros
Necessary to present  the documentation in any of the indicated offices
Necessary Documentation

Original and copy of the following documentation; Relation of documents:
Request general justification Annex 9.1
General form of justification of grant for Projects of Cooperation to the Development Model 11.1
Projects of sensitization and education for the development Model 11.2
General Form discharge of justification of grant for Projects of humanitarian help Model 11.3

Approval of the call for the concession of grants in diet of competitive concurrence, for civic entities that projects of cooperation carry out

B.O.P.:Registre: 2018005267 - Publication date: 07/02/2018

General Application (2 copies)

Printed associated

Certificate of election of the Board of Directors
Modern model no. 1 - Grant application
Modern model no. 3 - Responsible declaration of the Law of the minor
Modern model no. 4 - Responsible declaration of grants above € 10,000
Modern model no. 5 - Adherence to ethical principles and rules of conduct
Bank transfer request
Modern model 2.1 - Development cooperation
Modern model 2.2 - Education and awareness
Standard model 2.3 - Humanitarian aid

Reformulation and adjustment of the budget of the cooperation project for which a subsidy is requested by an entity
Application to adjust the budget of a project based on a difference between the amount requested by the entity and the amount proposed by the Qualifying Commission, according to the following assumptions:
  If the difference is greater than 10%, the management or territorial area will urge the applicant entity to reformulate the project and adjust the activity budget
  If the difference is equal to or less than 10%, the applicant entity will not be obligated to reformulate the project
  If the entity does not reformulate the project, it must justify 100% of the activity budget.
Individuals or legal representatives of the legal entities that must carry out the activity or project eligible.
The maximum period for presenting the reformulation will be 10 working days from the day after receipt of the notification of the provisional ruling.
It can be processed
To have requested a subsidy within the terms established in the call for subsidies for the current year
A request must be submitted by activity or project.
Required documentation
Application to reformulate your project, as appropriate (original and copy)
Associated forms:
Standard Model n. 6
Standard Model n. 6.1 - Application for reformulation for cooperation projects for development in 2018
Standard Model n. 6.2 - Application for reformulation for awareness and education projects in 2018
Standard Model n. 6.3 - Application for reformulation of humanitarian aid projects in 2018
Town council of L'Hospitalet
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