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Spanish Agency of International Cooperation to the Development
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La Agencia Española de Cooperación International for the Development (Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional al Desarrollo - AECID), it is an Entity of Public Law ascribed to the Ministry of Foreign affairs and of Cooperation across the Secretary's Office of International Cooperation State (SECI). The promotion, the formality and the execution of the public policies of international cooperation for the development, directed to the fight towards the poverty, and the achievement of a sustainable human development in the countries in development, particularly the ones picked up in the valid Directive Plan every four years. The Fight against the poverty is the final goal of the Spanish policy of international cooperation for the development. This, is a part of the outer action of the State and bassada is in an interdependent conception and it would consolidate of the international company.

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Donde cooperates and its geographical priorities:
  • Grup A-
    Association broadens: With developed countries Menos, countries with low admissions or countries of rent half a casualty in those that exist opportunities to establish a frame of long-term association, based on the principles of efficiency of the help, that the canalization of high volumes of AOD and the use of an extense fan of instruments allows.
  • Group B -
    Association focused on: With Advanced Countries Menos, Countries of Low Admission or Countries of Rent Media Baja in which the program of cooperation does not allow an association of the type To and it increases its impact in development if it is centered in an only key sector or in more than one but under an only approach, identified together with the member country and with a selective use of instruments.
  • Group C -
    Association for the consolidation of development successes: Countries that, the promotion of the south-south cooperation, the triangular cooperation and the provision of global public goods, allow the establishment of concrete strategies of association for the promotion of the development through the strengthening of inclusive public policies.
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