The exhibition about the SDGs to the HIGH SCHOOL MARGARIDA XIRGU
?seeing image of Talk about the SDGs to the IES Margarida Xirgu (new window)
The exhibition about the SDGs to the hall of the High School Margarida Xirgu
Principios of the SDGs
. Universals: Implican in all countries, independently of its level of economic development.
. Global: local, national and transnational Abordan the challenges more urgent of our times.
. Integrals: Him an agenda interconnected in all its dimensions and at all levels: among challenges, countries and different levels of government.
. Measurable: emphasis in the need to measure its achievement through identifications
. Ambitious: do not leave behind to nobody (leave no-one behind).
. Inclusive: Implican at all levels of government and in all the parts interested in a collective effort for the sustainable development.
. Multidimensional : They include the 3 dimensions of the Sustainable Development (economic, social and environmental).
. Based on the acquired experience of the MDGs
Report on the progress of the SDGs to 100 Spanish cities

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