Presentation of book "Xauen, historiogràfic itinerary through the vision of its travellers"
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The book Xauen, historiogràfic itinerary through the vision of its travellers , is shown in the Centre Cultural Tecla Sala.

The book it shows us, the city of Xauen , placed in the west of the Moroccan, capital Rif of the province of Xauen. It belongs to the region of Tànger-Tetuán-Alhucemas. Shawen is the form abbreviated (unofficial) of the name of the city, which he passed to the Spaniard initially like Xauen, coming from the French name Chaouen. The maps and panels of road indicate the French Shifshawen in Arab and Chefchaouen. The city was set up in 1471 in the Berber placement of a small population. Its original population was compound especially for exiles of 'to the-Ándalus, so much Muslim how Jews, reason why the ancient part of the city has an appearance very similar to that of the Andalusian people, with small alleys of irregular outline and whitewashed homes (frequently with blue tones).

In the presentation of the book some will be of its authors: Xavier Barrreda Cortiella, president of the ONGD ALKARIA, Ivone Puig Artigas, anthropologist and teacher of the University of Barcelona, Maria Victoria Tous Monedero , architect specialized in environmental sostenibilitat and collaborator in the project of the city of Xauen with actions of urbanistic advice.

The woman Maria Angeles Sariñena , tenienta of mayor's office of the Town Council of The Hospitalet will show the act.
To the assistants were presented with a copy of the book.
For the current motives of pandemic the gauging is limited and makes mistake  TO RESERVE

The president of the Municipality of Chefchauen, the man. Mohamed Sefiani presents us the city and the book

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Day: 13/05/2021

Hour: 18,30 hr

Place: Centre Cultural Tecla Sala

Town council of L'Hospitalet
With the support of:Regional government of BarcelonaL'Hospitalet human rights