The Festival  GlobaL'H and MetropoL'His presentation and the premises are known
?seeing image of Fotos de la presentació de Piña Colada (new window)
The participants already know the premises and they will have the weekend for rolling the short ones. L' Hospitalet has to be present in the argument.
In the act of presentation they have intervened the Town Councilor of the Town Council of L'Hospitaelt, Francesc Belver, the person responsible for the Program of Cooperation and Solidarity, Nicolás Cortés and the surprised intervention of Jordi Cadena i Casanovas.
Gemma Gimeno Font and Garcia Cheer made the presentation of the act Osado.
Àles Payà, director of the documentary "The Black Figure" winning of prizes so recognized as that of Mejor film to the Festival of Cinema and Human Rights of San Sebastián-Donostia, it intervened for video to encourage the participants.

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Day: Friday 19 October of 2018
Hour: 19 hr
Place: Auditorium of the Formation Planet building and Universities
Town council of L'Hospitalet
With the support of:Regional government of BarcelonaL'Hospitalet human rights