2021 Workshops of comic about the Human Rights and the Global Citizenship

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The Program of Cooperation and Solidarity, L'Hospitalet City Council's, offers 16 workshops on Human Rights and Global Citizenship in the city's primary schools, with the language and techniques of the comic. The intention is to bring children closer to the daily reality of the inhabitants of the South and the influence of the countries of the North on their lives. The workshops will be held in the facilities of the educational centers or with connection by video conference with a virtual classroom. The workshop lasts five non-consecutive days, in sessions of one hour. We recommend reserving one day of the week to do the workshop for five consecutive weeks, although reservations will be adapted to the needs of the center. The comic is presented as a valid means of expression for dealing with various issues, especially education for development. The history of the comic and the basic elements of this medium will be explained in order to create a cartoon where the main theme will be Human Rights and Global Citizenship. And it will be used to present and disseminate some published comics, available in municipal libraries, that deal with the problem of globalization. L'Hospitalet City Council will award a first prize to the best comic strip and three special mentions among the second prize resulting from the workshops held at the participating schools.
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Workshop of the Comic for the Human Rights and the Global Citizenship, directed to the pupils of Primària: 10-12 years.

Town council of L'Hospitalet
With the support of:Regional government of BarcelonaL'Hospitalet human rights