Cities for the global justice within the framework of the SDGs
The Town Council of The Hospitalet presents to Smart City Expo World Congress its implication with the Objective of Sustainable Development , and its implication in the promotion of the social innovation and to the to create a better future for the cities and its citizens in all the world. Also the Program of Cooperation and Solidarity of the Town Council of The Hospitalet will introduce the activities that in favor of the ODS and of the education about the ODS it has made to the schools, as well as to other activities carried out by the Program that want to promote the human development and to the Cooperation.

Video of presentation
Day: Wednesday on day 20 of November 2019
Hour: 16:30h
Place : Barcelona Fira
Town council of L'Hospitalet
With the support of:Regional government of BarcelonaL'Hospitalet human rights